Niall’s Smile :)

Niall Horan, that Irish boy who is always eating and smiling, and who has the most perfect smile that have ever existed. No, he doesn’t have his teeth in the correct place from childhood, but look at him, how can you dislike his smile?

His smile was not one from those toothpaste advertisements, but what does that matter? The smile of a person is always special, it doesn’t depend on how your teeth are. It depends on your happiness, your way of being. Each person have different ways to smile, and no one is better than another. So that’s why the people who say that he has an ugly smile should think better before saying anything. What do you prefer, all of us being the same? All tall and thin, with perfect smiles? Beauty is not that. The standards mustn’t govern our lives, everyone has their tastes and preferences. Do you like people who are chubbier? Great. People who prefer an anorexic or a guy who only thinks of going to the gym are the people who really have problems. We are all perfect in our own way, we should not change for fads or for what someone else says is a symbol of beauty. Because of the criticism, because of the looks, of teasing, people hide, they don’t show how they really are. And they want to change.

Is his smile better now?Niall wears brakets, not only because now if you haven’t got a perfect smile dentists kill you, but  he was also influenced by what people said. His fans, his manager, all ready to convince him that he had to do anything to have straight teeth. Are you happy now? Apparently not, Niall isn’t the perfect idol yet. They always want people to be a slave of trends, of the moment.

But they don’t know that sometimes, the most precious thing is as simple as a real smile =)

Don’t you know? You are beautiful ❤


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