That one thing

Everyone has that one thing which relaxes them. Maybe it’s running, maybe it’s drawing a landscape, or maybe it’s talking to a close friend. Mine is writing. It’s not only a hobby, but it’s my world. I know I couldn’t live without writing. Well, perhaps I could survive during two years or four, but then my life wouldn’t be complete. Writing fills the missing piece of me. It chills me, it helps me have fun, and over all, writing makes me realise things. There are so many thoughts running trough my head all day, and I hardly  notice them. I like thinking about subjects, clichés, daily things, and life. Because that’s what we’re doing every moment, we live life with all the consequences. And life should be a good experience. You can’t wait for your life to be perfect because then you’ll never be happy. You must learn to appreciate simple things, sunny days, smiling people. But of course that’s your own choice. People decide their likes and how to live. If you want to be  happy is your choice. I know it sounds crazy but as soon as you discover it, it works. Are you having a bad day? Force yourself to smile. I know it’s difficult, but by the end of the day you’ll feel better, promise.

The key to happiness is inside you. Try to find people who make you smile. Try to find that one thing which makes you feel special, and then everything will slowly start to make sense.

Express yourself, set goals, reach your dreams. And if you fail, don’t worry =) continue breathing!


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