If today was your last day

What would you do if one day, suddenly, the doctor told you “today is your last day alive” ?

What would happen if one morning you woke up and discovered everything you’re used to will disappear?

What if you only had 24 hours to do all the things you’ve planned to achieve in your life?

It sounds terrifying, and I’d never wish that situation to happen. In just a second, with three words, your last day, all your dreams, your family, your friends, everything would be dust.

Personally, when I wonder what I would do in case that happens to me, I never know the answer.

Sleeping would be forbidden, obviously. But, what if the dream of your life is to visit other country? Would you spend some of your last hours in a plane?

And what about the person you’re dreaming of? Passing away without knowing what is like to be loved by that special person would be like going to hell.

Your mind, your way of thinking, everything changes. You must act quickly, without wasting a single second.

We always have plans for our future, we think we’ll have time to develop and chase our dreams, but… what if today was your last day?

That’s why is good to follow our dreams, day by day, little by little, because you never know when your life may change forever.


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