What love is about

Oh, sorry, I thought I could love someone my own way, I thought there was no perfect way of expressing your feelings for someone, I thought there weren’t rules. Well, yeah, just one rule, do not harm the people you love, but as I see, this is the only rule that no one follows.

In this society, it seems that if you’re not good-looking, if you’re not popular, if you’re not “perfect”, you have no right to love someone.
If you’re imperfect, no body will fall in love with you, that’s what all advertisements say. Excuse me, but what is this shit all about?

Love is not about appearances. Love is not about how many friends you have. Love is pure, love is feelings, love is looking into someone’s eyes and knowing that, even if it gets hard, you want to stay with this person. Because he/she is human. That means weirdness, deep talks, long silence, outbursts of happiness, getting worried and sad for nonsense, searching for smiles, needing hugs.

I think that nowadays, a lot of people have a wrong idea of what love is, because if you “love” someone, if you want to stay with this person “forever and ever”, you don’t do what many people do.

Maybe they just don’t wanna end up alone, but that’s not true love, that’s fear. And if they do what they do because of fear, they will hurt people.

Personally, I think that we shouldn’t be so selfish, so scared of everything. I know that it is not nice when someone breaks your heart or plays with your feelings, no matter if they were doing it on purpose or they did it by mistake, but we should let it go, we should be free, and live.

We should dream high, laugh a lot, love and let others love us. We should forgive and forget. We should be happy sharing love, and trying to change ourselves into better people.

And we shouldn’t be ashamed of loving someone, because that’s a good thing. There’s no need to laugh at someone, because their feelings only mean that they have a heart, although many people just care about what is on the outside.

I hope that these people realise that what really matters in life is love. And only those ones who feel the importance of love are the ones who can be happy and make others be so.

Don’t ever lose the opportunity to tell someone you love him/her, because perhaps tomorrow it is too late, and today was the perfect day to make them smile.

You never know what’s hidden behind other people’s thoughts, maybe the ones who almost never talk to you are the ones willing to have a conversation with you.

Sometimes people surprise you and that boy/girl that you have feelings for, could be just a bit too shy to confess you his/her feelings.

Sometimes love is closer than what we think.


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