What happened?

When everything’s going just the way it must go, when all is what it must be, when you know exactly which path you wanna get through… then, in a moment, the whole sense of perfection, the feeling of knowing you’ll get what you want, it just disappears.

Like that, one minute you’re the owner of your life, and the minute later you don’t have anything. Your world can twist so easily, opinions, assurances, decisions, choices, chances… they’re nothing, they’re air that gets lost into your thoughts.

And let’s not say anything if you’re a hesitant person. What if I do the wrong thing? What if that’s not the choice I have to make? What if I destroy my life? What if…?

Hey, hey, hey.Wait. Take a breath. Okay, you have to choose, life’s about making decisions all the time, but every time you can “fail”, there’s also a 50% possibility that you’ll choose the perfect thing for you.

And if you just get confused and it seems that all you’ve made is mistakes, don’t worry. Maybe that horrible mistake, ends up being the opportunity to discover something new.

Not everybody knows what they want since they were born. And usually, dreams are hard to chase. We don’t wake up and tell the world: “Hey, please don’t disturb me while I make my dreams come true”. But we should.

Because in the end, that’s what will make us happy. Sometimes we realise we’re about to do what other people want us to do, not what we really want.

And discovering what we really want is much harder than letting others lead our lives.

They’ll tell you “What happened?”, “You had it, you knew what you had to do” … Hmm, well, yeah. But now I don’t know it anymore. I noticed that wasn’t me, that the person deciding wasn’t me, it was the perfect person they want me to be. But I don’t want that for myself.

I’m just me, with my hesitation, my wrong choices, lost opportunities, and mistakes. But I’m still young. There’s a whole world of chances waiting outside.

And only if you’ve been able to notice you were in the wrong place, then you’ll be able to walk in the right direction, towards your dreams.

—                                                                                                                  —

*If there’s any mistake, please let me know and I’ll correct it*


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