The other side of The X-Factor: Emmanuel Kelly

We are used to watching on TV a lot of people who seem ordinary, apparently with no amazing skills, who just try to live being the best they can be. And then, these people audition for The X-Factor, and suddenly, we realise that maybe they do have a wonderful hidden talent.

The astonishment is bigger when that people haven’t had an easy life, but they still have a smile on their face and when that special person opens his mouth… the sound of his voice is impressive. The passion, the feelings you can notice through the lyrics that he sings in his own way.

One singer, one song, lots of moved people. I think we should pay more attention to this kind of things, to the beauty that the human being can create, to art. Because there are still wars in this world, but we must fight to stop them.

Let love fill you, feel the sun in your skin, hear good music. Listen to your family and friends, think about life. Find your own way, be happy with what you are. Enjoy every single day, because you never know when anything can change, and maybe for once, it can turn out to be better. Don’t ever lose hope. Chase your dreams, and don’t let your nightmares catch you. Be free. Laugh a lot. Hug a lot. Kiss those you love. Remember the people who loves you back, and give them your everything.

Imagine all the people living for today. It’s now, it’s your present.

I agree with one of the judges, seeing him, hearing his story, makes all the things we worry about so pathetic. We should try to be a bit like him, happy, thankful. Because we’re alive for some reason, and until we discover it we must enjoy life.

Everybody’s different, every one has different talents, hobbies, features. We should celebrate our individuality and accept ourselves. And of course, we should try to make others happy.

We should leave our footstep, make a change while we’re here.

Everything starts with a decision. So stand out, be different. Be just yourself. Don’t be ashamed. And try your best to save the world today.


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