Jack and Finn, the youtube twins


There are many many youtubers lost around the world, and lots and lots of vlogs out there. How do they get your attention? Maybe they can sing, play guitar, or they have an amazing speech. Or maybe sometimes it’s easier than that, they have a twin.

Having a twin is not really a common thing, you don’t usually walk on the street and see pairs of people who look the same. That’s why it is something special. Something that catches our attention and makes us wanna know more about these few amazing people. But well,it seems really easy and fast to get famous when you have a twin, and it’s not like that. Nothing in life comes so easy and specially things that are worth while are difficult to get. And that couldn’t be an exception for Jack Harries, as known as @JacksGap


It all started one day, when Jack, the lovely and funny Jack, decided to make and upload videos of his life during the gap year he was going to take, just to share it with his family and friends. But you know, youtube is youtube, and a lot of curious people can find you on the net. (And mainly that’s the reason why right now I’m writing this. I mean, I kind of feel a bit stalker. It’s Jack’s life. I’m never going to meet him.He doesn’t know I exist and run a blog. I hope he doesn’t feel scared or anything ‘cause man, you posted your videos on youtube. It’s your fault if I found you and I write about you.)

So yeah, as I was saying, he started uploading videos, talking about the lasts days of school, his holidays… he was just an ordinary british boy that no one was interested in. Until he introduced his twin, Finn.

I have to say that it’s funny to see how Jack was in his beginnings and how he is now in the videos, much more… spontaneous I could say?


Finn. The moment you see him it’s just like: yep, I’m never going to be able to distinguish you, boys. I’m sorry. I’m just a narnian girl who lives far away from you. In fact there’s no need to distinguish you. It’s only… okay, I should stop watching your videos ‘cause I feel gossip.

But truth is, I did not stop watching his videos. And now, I can even distinguish Finn and Jack. (Don’t ask me how ‘cause it’s really weird and I do it in a different way than for example my friend Carmen).

Hey, being able to distinguish twins it’s a skill, and an awesome one if you let me say it.

What was I saying…? Ah, Finn.


Finn and Jack. Jack and Finn. They’re cute, aren’t them? And pretty handsome. And funny. God, why are you so perfect? Personally I don’t know how they do that, but they’re amazing in their own ways. And quite different in personality.

Jack’s cute and funny, sweet and cheeky. Bit theatrical sometimes, but he wants to be an actor so we’ll forgive him for that. He’s also fond of trying new things! (Yep he impersonated the song “I kissed a girl” by Katy Perry. I mean he kissed a boy. His sexuality is still kind of confusing.)


You see, he’s so adorable!! Excuse me while I go asdfghjklñ.

And Finn. That piece of sexyness. He’s sexy and he knows it. We all know it. He’s a bit of a pervert, but still pretty cute. He’s the oldest one of them, and Jack’s slave according to an african legend. He’s a bit cheater! He cheated on a challenge that Jack and him were taking so… never trust a sexy boy…


What more can I say? Their passion for travelling! Man, this two little boys have been in so many places… they’re quite good at taking photos and they’ve visited a lot of different countries and cities like New York. The photo below is the view from the Empire State building.


They have also met a lot of new people around the world, youtubers and fans! And they’ve worked for some days with organisations like Comic Relief.

222007_10151603581248782_979806871_nAnd now they’re invading every single social network! From youtube to twitter, tumblr and now even wattpad. It’s insane how this two boys have become so famous in a little time. Some time ago they were just unknown twins, and now it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know about them! Posts, videos, images, stories and imagines… They’re all the rage.

And they’re not just two handsome cute funny boys, they’re studying university and at the same time they manage to have time for their hobbies, not just youtube, also skating, cycling, playing guitar… but I guess that if you wanna know more about them, the best thing to do is watch their videos.


Eliza! I’m going to feel like a total stalker if I talk about her but I just really like her so here we go. Eliza is Jack and Finn’s cousin, and apart from the fact that she’s quite pretty and has a good voice, I just love the way she thinks. And the way she talks. Her accent. And the fact that she smiles and laughs a lot. Can I just meet all of them and hug them? No? Ouch….

She also uploads videos on youtube so just check her channel and spread love! Here I am advertising them haha they should pay me after all…

So that’s it. The reason why I know them is because of youtube so I’ll just say goodbye with one of Jack’s videos! Enjoy xx


2 comentarios en “Jack and Finn, the youtube twins

  1. i love them too they are so cute , i already knew then i mean like a week ago i was in youtube and i was like hey they are cute let’s clik on it so i cliked it was awesome ,its really cute that you like them 😀 ❤ LOVE YOUR POST BYE !!! 🙂

    Me gusta

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