Introducing: New Demi Lovato’s CD, Demi


Hey there guys! So I decided to write about Demi’s new CD called Demi.

I have to say that I have always liked Demi Lovato, since she started in Camp Rock and Disney Channel, and I’m kind of a fan (I don’t really search news and stuff about her but I like to know that she’s fine and still singing with her amazing voice!) so if there’s anything wrong like a mistake or something about a song or whatever just let me know and if there’s any lovatic out there reading these, I hope you enjoy it 🙂

The first CD I had of her was Here We Go Again, and my favourite song is still Catch me. She has changed since her fist CD came out, but I think it has been a progressive thing, not like other artists (like McFly) that change the style of their music suddenly. She had sad and slow songs and then others that were more like rock and things to dance and jump, and now she has also sad and happy songs. Lyrics have changed also a bit, now they seem to be deeper and maybe even more honest (Demi has said that she wanted now to sing about real things she had felt).

I think that she has made a change since Unbroken, that’s when she went to rehab (I think so, I’m not really sure about that), after having that strong personal crisis she came back to the music industry and she made Unbroken. Songs like Skyscraper, fix a heart, lightweight, for the love of a daughter… they’re really sad and even if Demi has just helped a bit in doing them, I think she really identifies with the lyrics.

I really like acoustic songs, when you can hear the rhythm of the guitar playing, it just feels like it’s more real to me, so beautiful. That’s why I really like the start of I hate you, don’t leave me. (Yay, it was time for me to talk about the new album and stop talking about the old songs…)

So I’ll just start with the songs in order:

Heart attack: it’s really cool, I identify a lot with the lyrics and there’s a bit of guitar rhythm so yeaah I like it 😀 The video for the song was shocking for me ‘cause I would have never imagined that (personally I always imagine things that are totally different to what the video ends looking like), but it was very powerful and Demi is so pretty ^^

Made in the USA: the title reminded me of Party in the USA, but really, it has nothing to do with it. This song is kind of in the middle, not really to dance but it’s not a slow song, the versus are cool.

Without the love: it’s a song about boys who usually play with feelings and don’t mean what they say, mixed signals… So in love with this one!

Neon Ligths: it’s more a dance song.

Two Pieces: the way she sings the first words of the two first verses reminded me of A thousand years! Beautiful song though, I love the end of the chorus (listen to it and find out the perfect sentence, you’ll like it!).

Nightingale: Awesome! The piano and the “air/echo effect” (I don’t know if there’s a proper name to that, but it sounds like when your voice it’s taken away by the wind) fit perfectly! And her voice it’s amazing. It’s said that Demi wrote it for a friend that died.

In case: more piano yayyy! haha love her voice in this one. It goes like up and kind of breaks a bit in some parts and I really like it.

Really don’t care: featuring Cher Lloyd! (Oops, my directioner side it’s showing haha, nah, Cher Bear’s voice is so special). Happy rhythm, powerful song and funny lyrics! (Although the subject it’s not really happy…)

Fire Starter: another powerful song to energize up! It can make you smile whenever you are sad =)

Something that we’re not: definition of being friendzoned, totally. I think it’s quite sad 😦

Never been hurt: It reminds me so much of Unbroken!! It’s like a new version of the same subject, but it’s a good song for dancing 😉

Shouldn’t come back: guitar yay! Really sad lyrics, but beautiful. I really like how she sings it, and the way they just did the rhythm, the “oh-oh” thing and everything.

Warrior: I can tell you, if you are really sensitive, you’re gonna cry since the very first line of the song D’= it gets into your heart, deep inside. One of my favourite songs.

So we’re at the end! All songs are great, and I think she’s finally finding her way to express her feelings through music using her amazing voice.

You gotta listen to her! (And love her <3) xxx


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