One Direction: This is us movie

How are One Direction when they’re not on stage? How are they when nobody’s watching? Who are really 1D? That are some of the questions every fan has asked at least once in their – usually – young lives.

Unless you get to meet them, probably you’re never going to be able to answer properly, but… What if a movie told you everything you wanted to know? Their thoughts, their fears, their wishes…

This is not just 90 minutes of flashes and crazy – sorry, dedicated is the word – fans, do you really want to see inside their hearts? Then come inside the cinema, sit and watch, ‘cause this is them, this is what they truly are.

CartelCine OneDirection

When the cameras are recording, when they’re off… When they’re high, when they’re tired… and when they just want to feel what would it be like to live an ordinary teenage life.

Because that’s what they are, just a bunch of teens that are on top of the world. They enjoy it, they make fun, make jokes and sometimes, they miss their homes.

Mullingar, Holmes Chapel, Bradford, Doncaster and Wolverhampton, the places they come from, the families they come from, that made them be what they are now.


They’re not perfect, they are five lads living a dream they weren’t ready to catch, but here they are. They act like children sometimes, they try to be adults in a world that keeps reminding them they’re too young.

All came fast, they’re still astonished. But it’s real, they are real, they’re human, not perfect. And doesn’t that make them be even more amazing? They’re like us. They get silly, get mad. They feel the same things as you do, but with one difference, they are on the spotlight. It’s tough and scaring, but they just wanna be loved.

I don’t know where they’re gonna be five years from now. I don’t even know where I am gonna be. But today, right now, I’m writing a review of One Direction’s movie and you’re reading it.

I’m not gonna tell you it’s the best movie ever. I’m not gonna tell you it’s awful either.

It’s a part of them, a piece of their hearts and thoughts. Yeah, it’s a little one, ‘cause they’re freaking famous and hide their secrets – like everybody else does – and that stuff, but I believe there’s not only their story, their past. There’s more.

Every person enjoys it in a different way and if you’re not a big fan of them, you’re just gonna spend a nice time at the theatre.

But if you’re a directioner, read carefully.


Yes, they have changed. Fame is hard to handle. But it’s our time to show them our support. We were here when they were five idiots recording themselves on the stairs.

Let’s show them we’re still here when someone records them at the top floor.



Y tú, ¿qué piensas?

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