Be different.

Different“. Just one word, but have you realised we can use it in so many, hum, different situations?

Different can be bad.

<<-I want a cute dress to wear it in that meeting.

-What about this one?

-Oh, no. What I want is different.>>

But different can be good.

<<He’s different.>>

Different from the rest.

Different from the bad, the boring, the expected.

This is the “different” I look for. Unique, picturesque. Damn, I’d even take weird. I wanna surround myself with original, funny, lovely people. Different people.

Do you know, when you find someone who is just so astonishing, surprising and amazing that you can’t imagine wanting to talk to someone else? That’s what I’m talking about.

You meet a lot of people in your life. Some of them impress you. Some of them annoy you, and some of them are just too complex to be described.

I wanna be indescribable. I wanna meet new people and have them be like “woah, she’s different from what I know”. I wanna be unlooked-for, but the kind of person you wanna have by your side.

Because different is hard to find, so when you find it you don’t let it go.

Monotony, sameness. That’s what society teaches us.

Dare to be a rebel, dare to be different and be happy with it.


Y tú, ¿qué piensas?

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