“Burn Baby, Burn Baby” by Kevin Craig

It’s been a long time since I don’t post anything here, but I’ll try my best to update the blog more often from now on.

Today’s review is Burn Baby, Burn Baby, by Kevin Craig.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this amazingly beautiful cover? It really attracted my attention.

I read this book thanks to NetGalley, so don’t be afraid to check the website out!

This book was intense and original, it really got me hooked and one night I even lost sleep to read it – it is really worth the read.

It mixes perfectly romance with movie stuff, bullying and several other subjects such as Shakespeare!
I highly recommend it, it’s a fun read even if there’s some deep troubles – I guess just like life is.
I totally understood the point of view of the main character – Francis – who is quite interesting.

I laughed, sighed and suffered reading this book, all at once. Definitely, it’s a moving story.

Since my first language is spanish, I had a bit of a hard time reading this book, specially because there’s a lot of slang vocabulary and casual expressions which I’m not used to. But eventually, it made me realise how interesting english language can be, it also made me learn a lot more! So don’t be afraid to read it if you’re not good at english, it’s not that difficult and it’s so worth the read.

PS: plus, the author answered me on twitter, he’s such a nice person! 🙂


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